Just 10 minutes a day of Face Yoga and you will see results

“Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is not”

Dr. Howard Murad

Face Yoga a completely natural alternative to all existing anti-aging remedies.
By practicing the facial exercises you learn to tone the 43 muscles that are below your facial skin. Bloodflow increases and the result is a younger looking and more radiant skin and complexion.

Do you know what unconscious habits are prematurely aging your face?

Smoking, Getting angry and frowning, Sleeping one one side, Chewing on one side, Not wearing sunglasses outside, Looking down on our mobiles, Holding our phones with ear and shoulder,

Carrying our purse on one side, The way we put our makeup on and remove it, The way we apply our creams and treatments, The way we dry our faces…among others

Our faces are a reflection of time, gravity, our daily expressions, our bad habits and our unconscious behaviors since childhood.

All of it shows in the form of:

1. crows feet around the eyes, 2. double chin, 3. forehead wrinkles, 4. frown lines, 5. smoker’s lines, 6. droopy eyelids, 7. asymmetry, 8. sagginess in face and neck, 9. deeper nasolabial folds, 10. lack of face contour definition, 11. under eye bags and general face and eyes inflammation, 12. Severe RBF (Rest Bitch Face) or negative expression (sadness, anger, serious, etc.)

Face Yoga para parecer más joven